Hi guys

This site started like an impulse of the moment and turned into an experiment.

From one experiment, slowly turned into a desire to be serious.

The reason is called "Pinghi" is ice-cream. Yes, you read correctly: "ice-cream"! That's because I like ice cream, becouse I eating ice cream all the time, so that friends (and even they were friends!) told me "Penguin", that was not a big deal to be reached "Pinghibel" and in a final "Pinghi.

Recently, one day, all haunted by the Internet, I started looking for sites whose domain name was a derivation of "penguin" and so I came to discover that www.pinghi.ro were free and useless! Instinct was short, clear and concise: "he treats him not to take someone else!" ... :) ... as if many people would be interested in this name and an impressive and magnificent resonance...

This situation happens around Easter this year, everyone is on vacation, non-working days in all areas, etc.. He even wanted to pay by credit card booking area, but bad luck: it did not work ... :)

I never left! I received an invoice by email and we paid it in the next working day. I thought I was quiet when I did this step ... but I was wrong! I started thinking and thinking about how to make the site where to host it, what to include, what topics, in what way ... where ... how ..., and so on. I still gnawed whatever idea to continue.

The ideas were still not see ... so I started thinking about the next step, at a hosting solution and look at current market offerings and features. I quit and went loser solution found an influence of a good friend and colleague. However, both convinced that we have not done a very wise choice, and I'm even worse ... but so does this scroll.

Now I had the field, and I was hosting, but the idea had not really ...  All penguins took me to the surface! I thought a site with pictures of penguins (which "happens" even had them) and focusing on nature, not to offend anyone! So I've made a sub domain with a gallery of photos and logos, mascots of penguins and yet another sub domain linked by geography and nature, and this site tries to put together the current and future issues and guide "countless "visitors-including you-will count and the topics posted here by news, pictures and written comments.

I wish you pleasant viewing and may be come back again.

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