Eclipse failed

Last week I spent with the family in the country, to the old grandparent’s house. We took advantage of the free day of Pentecost, we've got the week free and I had a child mini vacation with the rest of the family, air, peace and greenery in the shade and coolness of a walnut 80 years old.

Before leaving the house was old, found out the total lunar eclipse that was to happen on 6/15/2011 and I thought that a better opportunity to see this eclipse mini vacation and photograph it or as I like to have. I am informed, I studied about the eclipse, how long, who is at home, and that began an hour early so be announced very convenient. I made plans, we announced that 15 relatives evening not to make plans but to come to us for a glass of beer and talking ... and it promises to be ok. We studied two days before the spot where the rising moon, which is the path that would be the best place to look, I made a few test photos, that almost everything should be fine.

A long-awaited night came, we gathered, we talked, we waited ... and nothing! The moon has been expected and left waiting...! Obviously, it lacked the necessary cool words and "fog" relatively quickly fell apart! I've pulled the time, I also looked at the sky, and I went at night to see what happens and nothing ... just clouds. Later I realized why I did not see anything: the house in front of us was "cream." Moon rising already in shoe lining up to raise enough to see it was already in the shadow of the earth, combined with a thin veil of clouds, was enough to not see anything to discourage us.

In the middle of night when I looked I saw only clouds, so everything was a failure ... As "compensation" second night I made some pictures with the month the red, they post photos in the gallery... on link Gallery - SENZATII/Eclipsa de luna Esuata si astept urmatoarea eclipsa :)

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