Grigore Antipa Museum: childhood memories, memories of adolescence, findings today

This weekend I went with my kid Grigore Antipa Museum. I once told about a "big house" full of all sorts in many animal and insect display windows with skeletons of large animals, extinct ... and then I wondered when exactly we're going to see "dinosaurs".
Finally, I went! What we have seen, such as refurbished, modernization and computerization of the museum, light, followed by the old route of the museum ... to say very nice! So yes! Three times bravo!

Antipa museum reminds me of childhood, when I came to visit on a trip with the whole class and can say just remember mammoth skeleton, reproductions of some people about a monkey family, many insect boxes, the many shelves with rocks, a snake that looked a little crossed and reproduction of a cave.

Memories of students, when I revisited the museum Antipa, not had a great impact, but I remember something more, namely the cold of the museum and many dark places - perhaps especially left stuffed animals or to protect exposed insect boxes - on we perceived as a problem at times of revolution and after the revolution.

Present, heard and had read some comments and references Antipa museum renovation, refurbishment, which last long and no end. All this combined with past memories made me pull time, kids do not go on too soon at the museum. I thought he would get bored and would not like to walk again or even worse: to bypass other museums!

The question that wills thinks my readers is: "And what has changed this perception and how you went to Antipas?"
The answer is: dolphins! A TV show about dolphins from the Animal Planet and a number of good things we heard about the new museum Antipas.

Barely able to joy when he heard that we go. The entrance he was impressed by the mammoth skeleton and myself computerization of ticketing and all impressed me that there are discounts or free services for specific audiences (in this case free, zero-ticket). The kid was very unhappy with ZERO ... zero means nothing, as he has ZERO!?! :) I explained that it has reconciled with zero, which is free, because it is a special child! He was very pleased with the explanation.
From the first windows I found the dolphins, so the impact was positive from the start. I crawled from a window to another impression of each exhibit most imposing, almost like I could not slow down. He stayed and watched "interactive wall" and "ceilings" designed with all sorts of videos, information reached all terminals with touch screen, it barely came out of that beautiful cave reproduce in who wanted to go back again and again forever, happy to plod on glass floor covering dinosaur bones and it culminated in a series of models and reproductions of the human body, muscular system, nervous system and bone and a mother with baby in her tummy!

Nothing that could be better! He was very happy and pleased and told everyone where he was and what he did there and how Uncle from the exit door welcomed us and thanked him for visit and asked him to come back.

My conclusion is that "new" Antipa museum deserves a visit. Everything is very well done, the route is a route well marked with arrows continuously the sense to follow, everything is explained and computerized lighting good, the temperature was bearable but a bit high, I read that there is an interactive section where can assist in various experiments ... but in our case we had not so, so everything in a modern and internationally.
Program and details can be purchased even on the official website of the museum: Muzeul National de Istorie Naturala Grigore Antipa recommend it pleased.

Pleasant viewing and visitation of museum

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