Homeless people, drunks and minor delinquents ... subjects becoming more present in our lives

Homeless people, drunks and minor delinquents ... subjects becoming more present in our lives.

At that time of the real estate grown many people have sold (and they won), about as much many have purchase (and they lost), many buyers were demolished the old buildings in order to build something new or thinking something that ... and they have not  built anything, they just have left vacant land! This is what was happening in my living area. What do you think happened 'with' and 'to' the vacant land? The answer differs, but the result is in part common: all places have been invaded by the homeless and the people of the streets! I think those who reading this words say: "Provide poor, where they had to go...". Everyone and no matter how compassionate you are, I guarantee you that it will pass miles if he has continuously around this homeless! Do not know how to do to drive out of the area! It is cruel to feel you do not have the courage to leave the door open, or to be afraid to leave the house or live the yard at evening sunset, swearing nonstop hear their raucous laughter and their internal struggle for power and hierarchy in the gang. And fear most barely follows: is open fire! They make fire in chilly days, cold nights, and for the sake of making fire. A worn rubber and cast, who give him fire for them is like gold.

After they follow another scourge: garbage! They are a magnet for trash! Some of garbage is get it of them... the rest "grow" over the day or the night. The proverb "garbage bin born" is true and based on the "seed" garbage planted by homeless people and those in surrounding areas effrontery grade 2, ie neighbors that even a garbage they throw and there, just to not give taking any extra money to waste by garbage trucks. However, the owners of those lands once have surrounded the place in order to protect and to delineate it, but any fence does not stay whole in front of these people. After some time failing to break the fence, to break or to expand a hole far enough to slip inside ... and done. Easy, easy muff gets, hole, hole becomes big hole, goes a whole chain of width fence, garbage began to shrink, neighbors also bring other garbage, needy begin to make the fire burn everything that burns and a fire near the house foundation wall and surrounding is just perfect for them (the only way to save fuel and conserve energy) I know that needy to have the hard and cruel school life and survival. So everything starts to smell of smoke, garbage, biodegradable stuff and not least of something, all too organic and physiological.

Meanwhile they are like brothers, so multiply excessively. At first unseen and unsuspected until the apogee, when some of the neighbors finally switch from miles to anxiety, from anxiety to horror, from horror to action and make a complaint to the police. Ok, finally we have an action and a winner! The police came and drove the poor people homeless. What a relief! But oh, what about night in the neighboring vacant place? How, again came!? Calvary restarts again, the police are called back, work is again solved ... And again comes the night ... Déjà vu! Police eventually quit, quit neighbors, but not needy: they are winners! Settle down and dig like rabbits under the old floor construction, used as a cellar dens, burnt tires as a stove...

God forbid you live near such areas! (will continue ...)

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