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By the late spring - early summer 2011, I received an email (one of those that travel between known and unknown groups) such as in late summer, astronomically speaking, will be a great event related to Mars, the planet that can be seen in the night sky with the naked eye the size of a dwarf months! I said "interesting but strange like a few years ago the Earth was aligned with Mars at the smallest distance event will be repeated over a long, long time ... and still not see the sky as they say in the mail. Let's remember this day / event and to study the problem ... Maybe, maybe we'll see something beautiful. "
Eeeee, I would not imagine and remember the exact date, but the other day looking in the sky, I remembered "as Moon and Mars thing," so I put on bail and studied. Date mail was written in 8/27/2011, and the event was really on 8/27/2003, the date when Mars was closest to Earth and can be seen with the naked eye in the sky as a very bright object. So mail in question was nothing but a farce, a plausible built from facts and scientifically grounded (similar trick with the hole in the ozone layer). An eloquent sketch the position of planets is the following: Also a point by point article that disarms Mars spam you can read at
 Mars trick

I wish you pleasant reading and a nice end of summer.

PS: source whose sketch is the same site already link I submitted

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