Shocking experience

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In weekend of 2-3rd July, I went through a shocking experience! I imagined that it can not be that bad and it can happen so quickly, suddenly and confusing! It's fire. Was to take fire house was old grandparents. I just had luck! Through this experience we remembered what happened to hospital, Giulesti maternity section, due to electrical dozen ...
To tell what happened and why I say that I was lucky to cart:

Now, about three weeks ago, I needed a power strip to power two small refrigerators placed in the same room side by side. Until then date, only one work, but as we went all to the country house, we needed both refrigerators. Because the "need" is for long time, throughout the all summer, we said that it needed an extension will only be used for refrigerators, so said and done ... but where to buy quickly so there extension? Answer: The country fair, fair that is present from years and years on the same date and at the same places! So, nothing simpler: on the country fair is every Saturday and location  to1 km distance from the our house ... the next day we buy extension, shainy white, made in CE, max power 3500 W, length of 3 m, three Shuko sockets, red button with switch power and bright ... OK, everything's was great.
Strip was placed in position, were connected refrigerators, everything worked perfectly ... for only half a week! Surprise: no more power to refrigerators. "Why? What happened? Jumped fuses? Neighbors have light, electrical power?"All questions flowed from the lips of all, and I got up helpless shrug. Eventually I found that everywhere is the light, all outlets are functional, fuses are ok, just plug the refrigerator was not on power! That outlet was only the strip was no longer functional. I replace the extension and I started to unfold to see what it is happening. A wonderful streams of red switch not making contact, was broken. Ok, need a tool to stick a seam and everything is like new! But I do not have the tool ... so I got to Bucharest with me for repairs later.
After two weeks we went back in and strip the country and I got to put it back to the fridge, just that you bought, right? Great opportunity: I got to put it because I needed it to something else. Being cold outside, I needed to heat a room to wash the child on the head and what could be simpler? An extension, a small electric convector on 1000W power and I resolve quickly the problem. It did not take 5 minutes! A TV in triple and convector 1000W strip fed together in five minutes and 3 m strip was turned into a "fire snake" and one that looked like "melted butter". I heard my mother and my child screaming... and I got in the room in one second (rather plunged)!
Smoke and smell awful, the flame of the wall dripping on the wooden floor, winding strip half butter and half soft burning, squeezing the baby and mother screaming, my wife came to see what happens ... just so I bring remember!
I have not ridden state and I grabbed the hand with triple plug, I removed the TV and convector of it, I pulled and I threw out of room. Everything made ring just like a snake, a conglomerate that has stuck like a ball of string like spaghetti. The flames stayed in place, under the table and over the wooden floor, as well as plug into the wall and burn that was left hanging and flowing molten drops of burning plastic! In that moment I never thought about what to do and how to make it better, I just died with his bare hands ... now I have a few blisters as a result made of melted plastic that was glued to LEAP. We removed and the plug and I fell on him, as well as rekey piece of what remained of electrical extension thread ...
There remained only the smell ... and smell, thick and stifling, the right disgusting. All night I felt in the nose! And now we feel like if I close my eyes.
The next day I photographed the strip, so perhaps who read these lines (if you read it one) will probably say, "Forget it, sure was not like this! They flourished. "Post them pictures in the gallery.
The next day when we debugged random memories and everyone said what they felt about fear draw (only my son said he was not even fear a moment:) ), all we remember of maternity in Europe held a fire that shocked the whole time for more than a week ... What were guilty of little children that to use some "dirt" cheap for electrical plugs and air conditioning? Conclusion: Romanian something better and healthy than "dirt cheap" found in all stores!
Recap of what I say lucky, lucky than I can say:
1. Contact the switch broke and had to take it, leaving no room unattended in isolated
2. I did not put back to connect the refrigerators, but I try to use it on something intensive, that is the best test I made involuntarily (3500 W only wrote on it)
3. I used being awake, because if I sleep ... sleep remain ...
4. I was there and we could intervene quickly, otherwise the grant 100% ignite house because it is old, built of wood and dry …
5. I had the opportunity to ventilate and leave the place quickly without poisoning us with smoke and carbon monoxide
6. I happened to me and I left there not to rely on it and suffer the people who have stayed there for using it

So, I'm a lucky one thousand fantastic.

Good luck and to you readers and I hope to keep in mind my counsel: ROMANIAN AND HEALTH PRODUCTS!

PS: I post the photo in the gallery site on link ... Gallery - CIVIC/Prelungitoare Electrice Contrafacute - Un adevarat pericol pentru cumparatori